DIY Mini Aquarium with its Own Lighting, Filtration and CO2 System

DIY Mini Aquarium with its Own Lighting and Filtration System

Have you ever bought a GoPro to realize your action photography dreams? If yes, then you can consider turning the package casing that came with the camera into a beautiful mini aquarium for your desk or side table. You may find things like watches and jewelry packed in such transparent plastic casings, which can be used to create a mini aquarium like this one. So, people who like to pet fishes, have a look at this DIY miniature aquarium by Imaginative Guy for some inspiration.

The DIYer created this unusual tabletop aquarium using an old GoPro plastic case, syringe, razor, aquatic plants, and a few other things. Even at this small scale design, the aquarium has its own lighting, filtration, and even a CO2 system. Making one isn’t that easy; as you need to have the required tools and basic DIY skills. The project involves working with a saw, knife, glue and a bit soldering for the lights, therefore requires a steady hand.  

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Little by little, the bits and pieces are joined together to make the mini aquarium from the GoPro packaging. The most amazing bit of this project is the attention to detail, especially the landscaping done inside this little space. By the way, just have a closer look at the cute little fish, shooting inside their new home.

Check out the complete step by step video tutorial below.

Via: Gizmodo

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