DIY Cat Treehouse

This DIY Pet Tree House Keeps Cat’s Wild Instincts in Mind

Does your cat love tree houses as much as you do? What would you do to make your kitten’s dream come true? Spend dollars to purchase an expensive pet tree house or build something creative like Imgur user [Zacharydavidr]? Before beginning the DIY project, the designer had gone through various stores to find a perfect arboreal-inspired cat house for his feline but all of those cat trees were way too expensive. So, he finally decided to create a DIY cat tower using reclaimed materials.

He began with some rough drawings and finally settled for a minimalist design. Then he used 1/2-inch plywood to form the base on which sturdy wood stumps are fixed to form a realistic tree-like structure. On the wooden stumps, several flat, circular and curved platforms are attached to serve as a comfortable bed/playing area for the cat.

The longest cat tower stump holds a house-shaped box with proper roof and door to enter inside. This complete structure looks like an elegant treehouse resting inside your home. For extra comfort, a woolen fabric has been upholstered on the tiny platforms and ropes are tied around the stumps to make climbing easier for the feline.

Such cat tower designs are perfect to keep a cat’s wild instincts alive while providing them playful and comfortable space to rest. Even you can try to create a similar pet tree house if you’ve got creative building skills.

For detailed information and step-by-step guidance, you can follow the instructions by [Zacharydavidr].

DIY Cat Treehouse

DIY cat tree house made from reclaimed materials

Wood stumps support tiny platforms for resting

Wood stumps support tiny platforms for resting

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