DIY platform bed with floating nightstands

DIY platform bed with floating nightstands

We have posted before about Glen of YouTube channel DIY Creators, who shares brief instructional videos of creative DIY projects. You may remember the DIY wall-mounted desk with a secret compartment and the DIY modern dog house with pleasant landscaping. Once again he has shared a video explaining how to build a DIY platform bed with floating nightstands.

LED puck lights are installed underneath the nightstands and behind the headboard that light up the surrounding space with a warm glow. There is enough space to put important things such as phone, lamp, laptop, keys etc. over or inside the nightstand. He also included USB ports, power outlets and switches to make it a complete modern bed.

Glenn explained that the project does not require many tools, and most of the time will be consumed for cutting and sanding proper-sized wooden planks. These planks are further attached to the plywood back for making a sturdy headboard. The bed frame has a number of wooden supports and there are polished planks on sides for a better look. Apart from corners and internal sides of the planks of the bed frame, the entire bed frame is painted black, while other parts of the bed are polished.

After headboard is attached to the bed frame and precise plywood pieces are put over the basic structure, it is ready for use. Not only nightstands of the bed look like floating, but it itself seems to levitate in mid-air.

Definitely it is amazing furniture for homes that you can try making by yourself.

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