Modern Box Sofa

DIY Project: Turn 2x10s wooden box into a modern sofa

Living room decoration is one of the most expensive as well as time-consuming process, but what if we could do an amazing DIY project to bring down the overall cost of interior decoration by a significant amount. All you need is 2x10s construction lumbers, which after little carpentry become a wood-framed sofa that is not just durable but a timeless piece of decor as well. The DIY project by the HomeMade Modern, an online source that publishes easy-to follow, DIY projects for creating modern home furnishings, has shared a reliable, cheap and affordable wooden box sofa project with its followers.

So, to make your own personal wooden sofa, follow the instruction and experience the joy of DIYing things at your garage. Below is the material required for making one at home:

  • Five 8-inches long 2x10s construction lumber
  • Two 8-inches long 2x3s construction lumber
  • Four 8-inches long 2x4s construction lumber
  • 3-inches screws
  • 2.5-inches screws
  • 10 Biscuits
  • Pencil
  • 120+220 grit sandpaper
  • Rag
  • Clamps, IKEA sofa cushion
  • Danish oil

First of all, cut box into 2x10s, 2x4s and 2x3s into the length after give cut pieces a little sanding with 120-grit sandpaper followed by 220-grit-sanding, before assembling them. For assembling the panels, use biscuit joiners cut notches in the 2x10s. Insert glue in the notches and place a glue biscuit into the notches. To make the boards stay together stronger, use pipe clamps to board them together while the glue dries.

To assemble the bottom frames of the sofa, use 3″screws and the easiest way is by screwing them together. If you want to add extra strength, you can add metal L-brackets inside. Once all fitted together, paint the wooden box sofa with Danish oil to let add the rustic look to the room. Once the oil is dry, add cushions and frame with bunch of pillows to comfortably slouch on the sofa watching your favorite series.

So, next time before going for a furniture purchase, do think of DIY options to own an affordable unit rather than buying a pricey designer set or cheap plastic junk. And, if you liked this idea, then do make one and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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