DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar

DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar shows your day at a glance

We love DIYs, especially the ones embedded with smart technology. Today, we are going to acquaint you with a DIY Raspberry Pi Wall Calendar that’s able to show you a glance of the entire day. Imgur user [Paqmanbiker] has created this smart wall calendar for his wife. This DIY wall calendar is embedded with Google calendar that can be mapped to the buttons that are fixed at the bottom.

The left button on the wooden frame maps to the “p” key, which makes the calendar go back a month. On the other hand, “n” button is to go forward a month. The third button is to switch the calendar to agenda view, whereas the last button is mapped to the ESC key that cancels the screensaver slideshow.

Moreover, each button has a secondary function. If held down longer than 2 seconds, these buttons can reboot, shutdown, refresh, and turn the screen off. It also has a countdown timer for the kids. The timer is at the top of the page for telling the kids they have 10 minutes to leave for school.

A cron job has also been set up to kill the screensaver entirely in the middle of the night, otherwise, the calendar and countdown timers would not display the next morning. The cron job turns off the power to the HDMI port at 10pm, which then causes the monitor to go to sleep. The device can also be used to set reminders, weather updates and other functions.

Overall, the wall calendar has the coolest interface and seems like a fun project for those who like to build their own DIY projects. For detailed instructions, visit Imgur.

DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar

Gutted monitor

DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar

Customization of the cage

DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar

Raspberri Pi chip has been embedded into the calendar

DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar

HDMI port

DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar

Wooden frame

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