Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

DIY Hamster Wheel Standing Desk Keep You Fit at Work

Steady work environment in offices may lead to many serious health issues in the long run. Despite that every office is equipped with stable desks and chairs, where you have to work all day in one stationary position without any movement.

To break that scenario, San Francisco-based product designer Robb Godshaw has created DIY standing desk inside a human hamster wheel that will provide you space to work and exercise, simultaneously.

The hamster wheel is made out of plywood, four skateboard wheels, two pipes, 240 wood screws and glue. This complete human hamster is 80-inches in diameter and is supported by 24-inches of wide base, and any standing desk is placed inside the ring after finishing the wheel. The wheel resting on four skateboard wheels allows the user to walk or run while working on the standing desk.

It is amazing office furniture that promises to keep you fit without missing any of your work deadlines. But, you need to be careful while running on it because there are chances of falling down if the wheel is mishandled. However, if you’re more fitness conscious and want this object in your office, then you can also make the similar DIY hamster wheel standing desk on your own by following Godshaw’s personal instructions on Instructables.

You can check out the video and images below to see how the hamster wheel standing desk works and how it was constructed by the designer with the help of his design team.

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk construction process

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Hamster Wheel made of plywood and wooden screws

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Base to support the huge wheel fixed over it

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