DIY stripe chair that you can easily make at home

These striped chairs customized by L.A. designer Kyle Schuneman remind me of the racing stripes on a hot Dodge Viper that I love so much. Apparently Kyle bought blue colored chairs from Swedish superstore for $67.99 a pair and turned it into a piece of custom furniture which looks way cooler than the original one. According to him customization is not just about taking some old thing and adding new elements rather it can be also implied to brand new things to further enhance their look. The chairs are a budget option for people who are looking to give their interiors a never before seen look.

The blue glossy paint is applied to the chairs and there you have your own striped chairs for the dining hall or probably your living room. Now if you are creative enough you can get chairs of similar make from your local furniture store and just paint them with stripes of your choices, interesting enough isn’t it?

Via: LATimes

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