DIY TIE Fighter bookshelf

DIY TIE Fighter bookshelf for Star Wars DVDs, books and comics

Can’t buy your kids a life-sized TIE Fighter? Don’t worry. You can try creating this coolest DIY TIE Fighter bookshelf for your children’s room. This fun bookshelf is handmade by Instructables contributor Ashley Grenon.

For this DIY bookshelf, you need two 13-square inch plywood pieces. Now, draw TIE fighter wings in shaped of a hexagon. Draw lines on the plywood pieces to mark where the jigsaw blade will follow to cut out the desired shape. Likewise, create a rectangular platform for appropriate shelving.

After that you need to drill pocket holes on the TIE Fighter wings so that the shelf can be easily attached with the wings. Now, paint the different units with gray and black paint to mimic the original TIE Fighter. Last part of the project is to assemble all the units to form an aesthetic and practical bookshelf for keeping your Star Wars DVDs, books and comics.

This piece has enough space to hold most of your Star Wars memorabilia on it. It will certainly make a great statement piece in kids’ room or parents’ room. Who’s the real TIE Fighter fan in the house, anyways?

For those who are interested in making their own TIE Fighter bookshelf, Ashley has provided instructions and a list of the materials needed for the project on her official website. It will be a simple project if you already know about woodworking.

DIY TIE Fighter bookshelf

DIY TIE Fighter bookshelf by Ashley Grenon

DIY TIE Fighter bookshelf

It is perfect for holding your Star Wars books, comics, DVDs and other memorabilia

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