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DIY Turn popsicle sticks into decorative hexagon shelves

DIY: Turn popsicle sticks into decorative hexagon shelves

We’ve seen various DIY projects so far, and all of them use distinct recycled materials to create something functional for everyday use. But do you know an ordinary popsicle stick can also be used to build a decorative home decor object?

Today we’re going to show you a creative DIY project by artist Jessica Shank Coppom, who has beautifully turned ordinary popsicle sticks into attractive hexagon shelves, which can be mounted on a wall to enhance aesthetic appeal of your living space. At less than $10, you can create a single or a complete set of honeycomb shelves. This super-affordable decor upgrade will surely become a fun conversation piece.

Materials required:

Popsicle sticks (100 per single hexagon shelf, and 200 or more for larger honeycomb shelves)

Honeycomb shelf template


Wood stain (Minwax Early American was used here)


1 picture hanger (Optional)

Follow the given steps to construct the aesthetic and functional hexagonal shelves:

1. Download the template, print it, trim it and tape it together. The design could be a simple hexagon or a honeycomb pattern.

2. Position popsicle sticks as per the template layout to form a complete hexagon shape. Using glue you can stick more popsicles on top of one another to form desired number of layers.

3. Once the desired depth is achieved, you can leave the hexagonal structure until glue is completely dry.

4. After the glue is dry, take a paintbrush for applying wood stain. The wood stain must be applied carefully, even in between each stick. Now, let the stain dry.

5. You can attach a picture hanger on the top side of the hexagon and the top side of the adjacent, side hexagon. If not, then simply hang two nails in the wall for the upper hexagon side to rest on and one nail on the adjacent hexagon for counter balance.

6. You can place certain colorful miniature decor pieces, succulents or mini books on these DIY shelves. This will add more charming appeal to your creation, as well as to the room where these shelves are installed.

These were few simple steps to make beautiful DIY hexagonal shelves. For full tutorial with images, click here.

Via: MakeAndDoCrew


  1. Jess |

    April 26, 2016 at 5:38 am

    Hello Monika ,

    Thank you for sharing my post about popsicle stick shelves. However, my sharing policy is that you can use one photo WITH a link to the project on my site.

    Please remove the additional photos immediately and add a link both to my homepage ( and the post page ( You may use one photo and link to the tutorial on my site.

    Thank you. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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