Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

DIY upholstered poufs by Julie Terzakis offers storage space for books

Julie Terzakis, student of art and design school ENSAD in Paris, has created DIY collection of poufs named Uptown. It is named so because these are inspired from traditional techniques of upholstery, forming a cushiony frame all around its wooden structure.

These poufs are fully handmade and comprises of wood, foam, fabric and few cables for its construction without using any nails, screws or glue. The wooden planks have hand crafted edges with small gaps are inserted into one another to form a frame of the pouf. Seating area is then made of foam covered with a designed fabric and fixed all around the wooden frame using cables.

The poufs also offer ample storage space beneath its seating area for keeping your books, magazines or other small accessories, thus forming both aesthetic and practical furniture design. Terzakis has created a brilliant design with blend of traditional as well as contemporary art to form something beneficial for daily use.

The collection includes single, double and triple upholstered seating surface and is perfect for small homes with limited space. You can also make identical poufs for your home by following the step by step manufacturing process shown in the images below.

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Wooden planks with handcrafted edges

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Edge of wooden plank with small gaps

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Insert wooden planks into each other

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Wooden planks assembled together without using nails, screws or glue

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Complete wooden frames of the poufs

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Cover the complete wooden frame with a soft padding

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Fix the foamed padding to the wooden frame using flexible cables

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

The upholstered seating shape is created with the cables

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

Finished design of the poufs with storage space beneath the seating area

Uptown Poufs by Julie Terzakis

This comfortable pouf is perfect for small dwellings with limited space

Credit: EspritDesign

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