DIY Video Game Coffee Table

DIY video game coffee tables designed to bring out nerd in everyone

Recently, Reddit user [devmikale] has shared some interesting images of DIY video game coffee tables made by his neighbor. The Redditor has neither shared any detail about his neighbor nor discussed the making process. But by looking at the images, it’s clear that these custom-made coffee tables pay homage to the iconic video games, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 3, Donkey Kong and more.

Some game-cantered coffee tables are also designed in the shape of Nintendo controllers. These DIY coffee tables also have drawers to keep your personal belongings safe while the table top serves as a conventional table. It’s no rarity to see the classic NES transformed into furniture as people love classic video game-inspired furniture.

The gamer coffee table in your custom design gives you the opportunity to get it enhanced the way you like. The video game tables offer sophistication with a side of nerdy quirkiness, which can be enjoyed by all for both functionality and tribute to the gaming world. All these coffee tables are priced at US$450, plus shipping charges.

If you wish to order any of these DIY video game coffee tables, you can send a custom request here. Approximately 15-20 DIY coffee tables are made per month, so you have to be a little patient for your custom order.

DIY Video Game Coffee Table

DIY Video Game Coffee Tables

DIY Video Game Coffee Table

The tables also has drawers for storage

DIY Video Game Coffee Table

Controller-shaped coffee table

DIY Video Game Coffee Table

Designed in shape of classic video games

DIY Video Game Coffee Table

Inspired by different classic video games

DIY Video Game Coffee Table

Another controller-shaped coffee table

Via: Imgur

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