Zeer Pot Fridge

DIY Zeer Pot fridge keeps your food and drinks cool in summer heat

Zeer Pot Fridge

Conventional refrigeration may be a convenient solution for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for long. But this technology cannot help people who reside in areas with no electricity supply. For those people, a new DIY refrigeration called Zeer Pot is invented to provide cooling to food easily at home. This refrigeration technology requires only two pots, water, sand and hot climatic conditions to produce perfect cooling effect due to evaporation.

To create this fridge you need to place a small terra cotta pot inside the bigger one and form a layer of sand in between these pots. Then, water is added to the sand for keeping it cool, after that place the fridge in a windy location. The pots are kept on a wheeled tray, which makes it easier to shift the pot to a desired windy area for quick evaporation. This natural evaporation helps to cool food and drinks placed inside the inner pot. It might not provide ice chilled effect but can efficiently chill down to around 40 degree Fahrenheit.

This traditional technique has been re-invented by a Nigerian teacher Mohammed Bah Abba for the natives of under-developed parts of Africa and Middle East. People living in such extreme conditions can now create their own Zeer Pot fridge that works without electricity. This sustainable technique is beneficial for getting cold veggies and fruits in hot regions worldwide with no power supply.

Via: Instructables

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