Japanese DNA glass

DNA Beer Glass is 3D printed based on your genetic code

If you’re looking for the best drinking experience, then raise a glass to the complexity of your DNA. Hailing from Japan, DNA Glass is a project that creates the perfect drinking experience based on key factors found in human DNA. These innovative DNA Glasses are shaped according to each consumer’s genetics, offering them a far more tailored drinking experience. Based on consumer-submitted DNA samples, the designing team can understand your taste profile; and then they 3D print beer glasses, to help you enjoy a chilled one without troubling yourself.

A team that includes creative directors from Japanese beverage company Suntory, has created an algorithm based on traits like – alcohol tolerance, taste and smell sensitivity, personality and preferences that best suit your alleged genetic preferences and then shape the glass accordingly.

They’ve already tested it on ten volunteers; which included males, females both young and old. Designed with the principal of ‘enjoy the beer your genes are thirsting for’ this innovative invention delivers the expected punch from your beer sip at a pace that matches your physical and social tendencies.

Japanese DNA glass

These DNA Glasses are shaped according to each consumer’s genetics


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