Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar

UK-Based designer, Ric Bell has worked for the last couple of years to craft a functional and contemporary Dodecal that combines calendar with dodecahedron-shaped wooden piece. Made from high-quality sycamore and sustainable materials, this wooden block calendar is fusion of traditional wood craftsmanship with modern technology. Laser technology is used to engrave different calendar months of the year on twelve faces crafted with mathematical precision. This wooden calendar is beautiful, lightweight and a laser-etched object that is smooth to hold and can be used as centerpiece at homes or offices.

Dodecal is made by best craftsmen in hills of the Lake District, and they carved one rigid block in the desired shape using custom-made jig with angled saws. After that, the block is sanded with machine and again hand-sanded with high quality sand papers to remove all rough edges. Finally, two coats of Osmo oil are applied to give it smooth and impressive look.

That’s all for the traditional wood-crafting methods, and now the tiny block is mapped through computer software to accurately carve calendar months using laser technology. As you grab it in your hand, you are going to feel the depth characters carved on it. People fond of art, design and traditional craftsmanship are surely going to like this product. It comes with 125 x 90 x 90 mm dimensions and weighs only 320 grams.

In an interview with Ric Bell, he assured that people purchasing Dodecal will surely appreciate the work, time and skills invested in production of this unique artwork. Ric is launching only one hundred pieces in 2017, and each piece comes with a price tag of $79 at the official website.

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_10

Single wooden block carved in polyhedron shape

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_9

Smartly clamped to cut pieces neatly

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_8

Custom jig for carving the block in desired shape

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_7

Wooden pieces after cutting

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_5

Machine-sanding for clean surface

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_4

Hand-sanding using high-quality sand paper

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_2

Calendar months engraved using laser technology

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_1

Calculated laser-printing for smooth look

Dodecal is laser-printed wooden block calendar_3

Finished with high-quality sycamore


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