Behance offers an amazing platform for creative professionals to showcase their work online to bring interesting and notable pet furniture to the fore. The Dog Hut Desk, designed by Liam de la Bedoyere, provides the convenience of a fit-anywhere workstation paired with a cozy space for your pet to hang out in while you work from home. This unique furniture piece can fit in any corner of the room seamlessly.

This functional pet furniture will become your furry friend’s new best nap spot. The dog hut is a perfectly sized space for your pet to rest and sparks an emotional connection of being in close quarters with you.

Following the success of Liam’s earlier model of the Dog Hut Side Table, the concept of the sturdy table with strong metal in a neutral visual appeal is bound to attract pet parents. A broad rectangular wooden tabletop runs from one end of the table until it curves into a typical hut-shaped space designated for your pet’s comfort.

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A removable cushioned pad inserts effortlessly for extra comfort inside the hut for the pet to sleep and relax. The hut’s broad base aids in balancing the entire structure while providing comfortable individual spaces for you and your pet.

Without any closed or obstructed entry-exit points, the pet space becomes an open play zone for the pet in a spirited mood. Adopting a chic and sleek design, the Dog Hut Desk is made of plywood and displays a great concept with its multifunctional and modern composition.

Image: Behance
Image: Behance

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