DOG scratchpost

DOG scratchpost for cats comes with an overdose of humor

Netherlands-based designer Erik Stehmann has created a brilliant scratching post for cats that also serves as a beautiful decoration piece for your home. Designed for Soonsalon, the delightfully creative and imaginative cat scratching post not only offers utmost comfort to your feline friends but also brings an overdose of humor.

Helping cats to release their frustration on their natural enemies, the DOG scratchpost also saves furniture and doors from cat-scratching. Made using polyester and sisal, the dog-shaped cat scratching post is available in two sizes. The bigger sized called DOG, while the smaller one is entitled PUP.

Made durable and practical, the rope is properly glued on the dog-shaped base, thus creating an utterly delightful base for cats to scratch. Accessible in two colors i.e. ivory and black, the scratch post is the remedial alternative to save your home interiors from your munchkins claws.

Obtainable online the DOG measures 88 x 28 x 71 cm and weighs only 13.5 kg. So, if you want to blend humor with comfort and aesthetics, the Dog scratchpost is an ideal product for your feline friends at home.

DOG scratchpost

Scratching post created by Netherlands-based designer Erik Stehmann

DOG scratchpost

Designed for publisher and distributor Soonsalon

DOG scratchpost

Dog-shaped scratcher to save your furniture from cats

DOG scratchpost

Available in two sizes i.e. DOG and PUP.

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