Dojo Smart Home Security System

Dojo ensures privacy of all connected devices in your home

Rising smart homes have made everything in our houses digitally-oriented, but more connected devices mean increasing threat to your privacy. Fortunately, Israeli startup Dojo-Labs has found the solution to ensure privacy of your smart home networks in form of a pebble-shaped device called Dojo.

It appears like a piece of rock for home decor, but this simple-looking device has more to offer than its looks. Dojo includes an app, a Linux-based remote and a small box that hosts the computer. The system connects directly to the Wi-Fi router of your home network, providing extra layer of defense to your smart home security.

Once set up, the Dojo acts as a filter for the traffic of all the incoming and outgoing devices using that same router. Moreover, it immediately sends a notification to your smartphone on detecting any unwanted activity in your network, and will further prompt you to allow or block it. You can enlist all your trusted devices on the app so that performance of your preferred devices is not hindered.

Besides all that, the tiny cybersecurity system uses machine learning and behavior tracking to collect and analyze metadata from the network of your devices. This smart device is meant to grow with time. As new attacks and devices are introduced, Dojo gets more intelligent. The hands-free device can even block attacks automatically, before it could even try to harm your digital data.

This stunning home security system is available on Amazon for preorder price of $99, along with 12-months service and shipping is expected to begin in early 2016. However, after the first 12 months- its fee will depend on the length of your commitment, ranging from $7.99 to $9.99.

Dojo Smart Home Security System

The device sends notification to your smartphone on detecting any unwanted activity on your network

Dojo Smart Home Security System

The device comes with rock-shaped remote, mobile app and small box that serves as the host

Via: Hypebeast

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