Dome Home

Dome Home: Uniquely Shaped House Put Together Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Located in Paremoremo, Auckland’s northern outskirts, this uniquely shaped dome dome overlooking massive water views is up for sale. It is built from hundreds of individually cut triangle woods, which are put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The two-leveled house with basement features three bedrooms, one bathroom and unique ceiling with star-shaped windows, making it a comfortable house straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The series of triangles around the whole house not only increase aesthetics, but also gives it a peculiar shape. Its complete white exteriors complement the wooden interiors, adding unique charm to beauty of the house. The 2023-square-meter dome home belongs to Helen ‘Twink’ McCabe and her partner Noel Fuller and now is owned by Twink’s children Sean and Tamar McCabe. They believe that it is still same as it was 30 years back.

This dome home is listed for sale with Barfoot & Thompson and according to real estate agent Peter Dunne; it will surely attract many people interested in architecture, art and design of the house. Besides that, it is a renowned Purrpetual Boarding Cattery. It includes cat cages where Twink introduced two new cat breeds to New Zealand: ocicat and munchkin cat. Nevertheless, the building can be converted back to accommodation, giving you additional option to use it as a tenant place.

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The Dome House as per Barfoot & Thompson site is now sold, but there are no details for how much this unconventional set has gone for and who are the new owners of this spherical house. However, it is expected to be sold for millions of dollars, due to the magnificent location on which the structure rests.

Dome Home

The spherically-shaped Dome Home in Paremoremo, Auckland

Dome Home

The unique home with two levels, featuring 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom and carved ceiling

Dome Home

The house was conceived by Helen ‘Twink’ McCabe

Dome Home

The interior is built by using hundreds of individually cut triangles of wood

Dome Home

Lounge room on the second level

Dome Home

One of the bedrooms with beautifully crafted triangular windows

Dome Home

Stairs leading to second level of the house

Dome Home

Working area with star-shaped windows to let natural light inside


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