Domino’s Easy Order button

Domino’s Easy Order button gets you crispy pizza at one-touch

Domino’s has recently been working really hard to make their ordering and delivering processes quicker than ever before. This has become quite evident after the company’s DXP pizza delivery car that was unveiled last month in US. But now the pizza makers want to make ordering procedure simpler than even using a mobile app.

So they’ve unveiled the Easy Order Button, which lets you can place an instant order for your favorite pie. Well, it is a tiny white button that rests within a small pizza box-shaped device. To use this pizza delivery button, the user needs to set up their customized preferences on the Domino’s mobile app. This means you need to save all the details such as the type of pizza you like, address as well as payment information on the mobile app.

Once the information is saved, the user can use the button anytime to place an instant pizza order, without having to type your preferences again. In case you need to make any changes to your order, then obviously you have to go through the app. Nevertheless before pressing the button, make sure your device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

For tracking your pizza and estimate its delivery time, the button will glow red when your pie is en route. Although it is beneficial for lazy customers, but the biggest drawback of this tiny device is that it’ll surely going to lead you to obesity. However if you don’t care much about your health, then it’s a must have device.

Unfortunately, the first batch of these limited edition real-life pizza delivery buttons will be available only via competition among pizza lovers in U.K. More details about the social media campaign will come out in December, as Domino’s has plans for wider rollout in February 2016. Even Americans will go crazy over this handy palm-sized button, but the company has not revealed anything about its availability in US so far.

Domino’s Easy Order button

The button can be used anytime to place an instant pizza order

Domino’s Easy Order button

Before ordering, you have to feed all the information in the mobile app

Domino’s Easy Order button

At single touch of a button, you can get pizza straight to your doorstep

Via: DigitalTrends

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