Laundroid is the Solution if You Don’t Like Folding Laundry

All thanks to revolutionary advancements in technology, we already have machines and robots that can interact and even manage tedious chores for us. However, there are some tasks that are dependent on us like folding laundry, which is one of the most annoying tasks. To rescue you from the hassle, a few scientists and visionaries have come together to create the world’s first laundry-folding machine, Laundroid.

Started, as a research project back in 2008 in collaboration with Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Panasonic and Daiwa House (Japan’s largest homebuilder), Laundroid is designed to wash, dry and neatly fold clothes. To offer perfectly folded clothes, the machine is embedded with Image Analysis technology and robotics technology.

The mix of these two-advanced technologies will help the machine to recognize the object and then work according to the need. For instance, the fully-automated machine uses image analysis to figure out what piece of clothing it is dealing with and accordingly use a specific folding technique for sorting out your clothes.

Although it is still an ongoing research project, the concept model has debuted at CEATEC consumer electronics show in Tokyo with a demonstration on the working of Laundroid. Currently, it’s in the working phase, and the company has beautifully designed the complete roadmap, which stretches till 2020 for the availability of this fully-integrated system within your home. With this revolutionary machine, you just have to dump your laundry through the conduit and later clothes will magically reappear in the appropriate closet.

According to Seven Dreamers, an average human being spend almost 9,000 hours of their lives folding clothes. So with this machine, you’ll get a chance to take care of other important tasks, while Laundroid will completely take over your laundry chores. 

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Pre-ordering for Laundroid will start sometime in 2019, but the company is hoping to begin a commercial sale by 2017. So until then, you have to manage your laundry all by yourself.

But don’t forget to start saving, as this advanced technology will surely come with a hefty price tag.


World’s first fully automated laundry-folding machine


Black magical door, behind which laundry folding happens


A perfectly folded shirt with Laundroid


Based on two advanced technologies i.e. Image Analysis and Robotics


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