Bicho by Martinho Pita

Don’t these Bicho floor standing lamps resemble wild animals?

‘Bicho’ is a new collection of floor standing lamps that comes from the Portuguese architect Martinho Pita. He got this idea after  spending a few months away from the city, at his father place, learning the art of transforming tree branches into beautiful lamps. 

In Portuguese ‘Bicho’ means ‘Creatures’, which is reflected in his collection. These creature are motionless (obviously), and although its hard to identify the exact type, but few of them seem like a giraffe, snake and a snail. Each lamp in the series is completely unique, and crafted from discarded branches of Portuguese Holly Oak trees.  

The light source comes from a textile-covered electrical cord that’s threaded up through each lamp in a different way, resembling a vein delivering blood to these creatures. After carefully considering the right position of every branch, it’s peeled, shaped and sanded before it dries completely.

In Martinho’s words

What really attracted me in the Bichos series is that each piece resembles an animal, a species. Not exactly what kind, but a creature for sure. And that’s where the name derives from. ‘Bicho’ is a Portuguese word that means something like ‘creature’.

Bicho by Martinho Pita

Branches transformed into lamps

Bicho by Martinho Pita

Each lamp resembles some creature

Bicho by Martinho Pita

Textile-covered electrical cord looks like a vein delivering blood

Bicho by Martinho Pita

Bicho floor standing lamp by Martinho Pita

Via: UpCycleDzine

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