Döttling Mensa Magis – Exquisite table concealing a luxury safe

When we talk of luxury safes, the first name that pops-up in mind is Döttling. The German company specializing in making some the world’s most exquisite and safe storage compartments, keeps on pushing the envelope of perfection with its creations. This time around too Döttling has surprised us with a handcrafted masterpiece, they like to call the magic table of the luxury safe world.

Dubbed Mensa Magis, this opulent looking table is actually a luxury safe which has a number of compartments to store your valuables. The luxury safe has a multitude of drawers with a high security safe hidden in the guts. And just like a magician, only the owner can reveal the treasures hidden inside.

As you would to expect from Döttling, the table is draped in fine leather, and the side panels are made from bog oak (created after thousands of years) which is found in rare moors. The interior is made completely from Alcantara suede material for that high-end feel. To top it off, the magic table has brass panels which define its look. That said, the buyer can customize the look depending on preferences too.

Coming on to the 7 hidden compartments, Mensa Magis has 5 compartments/drawers which can only be opened by a secret mechanism. For the most valuable possessions, there is high security safe with an electronic 6-digit code combination locking system for complete peace of mind.

This would be the most unassuming place to hide your valuables, as no one would ever know what hides in plain sight of this captivating table. Since, the safe weights 225 kg, it is highly likely anyone would have plans to steal it.

Image: Döttling


Image: Döttling

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