Dreaded ALARMclock tells your projected life expectancy

The basic function of an alarm clock is to wake you up in the morning. However designers at Chicago-based Fig Company has completely changed the notion as the ALARMclock created by them has much more to offer than just waking you up.Designed to serve as a powerful motivational force, the ALARMclock keeps you updated with your financial status, your social networks size, and your projected life expectancy. The idea is to fill one with inspirational thoughts and hope.

The question is how this ALARMclock do all this? All one has to do is enter information about his bank account details, social networks and personal details like current age, lifestyle, diet, family history through a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile app onto the clock.

Hand-built from FSC-certified bamboo by Dan Sperling of PHAW custom woodworks & Alexis Bedoret, Ryan Gury, Todd Sussman and Al Kelly of Fig, the ALARMclock comes with a retro design and features smoked glass faceplate, rich wood enclosure and 2-bit LED screen, which displays red, green and yellow colors. The ALARMclock project by Fig is currently on Kickstarter and you can book one fully functional clock for yourself by pledging $85.

Via: OhGizmo/PP

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