Dreo Macro Pro air purifier

DREO Macro Pro Air Purifier With Long Battery Life Keeps Large Rooms Clean

In the past few years, there is a sudden surge in demand for air purifiers, and the reason is increased air pollution. Whether we are outside our homes or behind closed doors, the air quality has deteriorated beyond control. The sudden decline in air quality has compelled us all to look for artificial means of air purification.

While we can’t grow a tree inside our homes for fresh and clean air supply, the only substitute we are left with is an air purifier. The idea behind introducing an air purifier to your home is to clear the pollutants and other air-bound contaminants. This is where a device like the Dreo new air purifier comes into play.

There are multiple air purifiers in the market claiming to be the best and capable of removing 99.99 percent odors and dust, but there is none like Dreo Macro Pro when it comes to removing contaminants and delivering a long filter life. Unlike other devices with filter life based on run time only, Dreo Macro Pro air purifier functions on a smart filter life algorithm. It monitors the fan speed, length of the operation, and provides longer life and fresher air than its counterparts.

The body of the air purifier is finished in dark graphite and appears like a Bluetooth speaker. Weighing 7.27lbs, the new air purifier is suited for larger rooms. Inside the outer shell, the device is incorporated with a pioneering brushless DC motor featuring patented airflow system, which is responsible for circulating a large amount of fresh air.

It features a 3-stage, 360-degree deep filtration to control indoor air quality. The three-stage filtration includes an ultra-fine pre-filter, an H13 true HEPA filter, and a high-efficiency activated carbon filter layer. Comprising H13 True HEPA filtration, it captures 99.97% of particles (allergens, dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, odor, and so on) and breaks them down to 0.3 microns.

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Moreover, it purifies a 679-square-feet room within thirty minutes and removes all sorts of odors, pollutants and airborne impurities at ultra-fast speeds with TurboPure Technology and 360-degree air intake. One may not worry about sound pollution, as it functions quietly to deliver fresh air in sleep mode without disrupting your sleep. Currently available on Amazon, the air purifier can be purchased at $146.

Dreo Macro Pro air purifier

Image: Dreo

Dreo Macro Pro air purifier

Image: Dreo

Dreo Macro Pro air purifier

Image: Dreo

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