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Drift Light self dimming LED bulb mimics the setting sun

drift light by saffron

Last month we discussed about the Philips Wake Up Light that mimics the sun and help you wake up naturally. But, what about those who cannot get a proper sleep at night? Such people often spend plenty of dollars on sleeping pills and what not, just to get a relaxing slumber. However, they might not succeed in their efforts of putting themselves to sleep peacefully. Well, a new light bulb in the market, dubbed Drift Light by Saffron, is designed to improve the quantity as well as quality of sleep and claims to help people sleep in a natural way.

The Drift Light is a smart LED light that glows like other incandescent bulbs during the day, but casts a warmer light and mimics the sunset that lulls people to sleep. The designers of this smart light bulb have made use of the data from circadian cycles, which helps in sleep hormone (melatonin) production.  It features a simple dimming technique, which is activated by flipping the switch twice. The light bulb gradually dims its glow within a period of 37 minutes. This in turn helps the individuals fall asleep naturally and further lets them maintain a consistent sleep cycle.

drift light by saffron

Highly efficient LED light source along with a microprocessor that handles the dimming process is integrated onto the Drift Light, which can be easily installed onto any standard light bulb socket.  You can get this light bulb here for a price of $29. So, get the Drift Light today and say goodbye to sleeping pills.

Watch the video clip below for more information.

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