Dsignio’s Laccio Ceramic Tiles

Dsignio’s Laccio ceramic tiles draw inspiration from a bird nest

Laccio ceramic tile series is the latest design by Dsignio, Madrid-based studio that works on product and interior design projects. The new relief-patterned ceramic tile series is created for the Peronda Group, and draws inspiration from interwoven pattern in which birds build their nests.

Surface of each tile is embellished with a series of interlacing ribbons. The free-flowing ribbon-like pattern runs from one tile to another, making these different pieces of tiles appear like huge wallpaper. Major aim of the design is to create comfortable spaces enclosed within nest-like covering. Probably you’ll get a taste of birds’ life by living in similar interior setting.

The best thing about Laccio ceramic tiles is that the collection comes in wide range of colors such as white, pale cement, grey cement, warm wood and stained white wood. This means it can suit different types of home or office settings, depending on your tastes and preferences. Designed to take interior to whole new level, the aesthetic tile collection is suitable for any room – whether living area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or office.

Due to the authenticity and beauty of these relief-patterned ceramic tiles, TTA Awards has nominated the collection for the ‘Best Wall Tile of the Year’ title. The collection is undoubtedly worthy of such prestigious nomination and will become a great part of everyday decor.

To complement your interwoven walls, you can add Dsignio’s Dodó bed and matching furnishing into your bedroom space. The Dodó bed series comes complete with furnishings like small tables, dressers and chests of drawers. Together these furniture pieces will counterpart Laccio ceramic tiles, forming a stylish and relaxing living space.

Dsignio’s Laccio Ceramic Tiles

The interwoven pattern is inspired by the way birds build their nest

Dsignio’s Laccio Ceramic Tiles

Each tile features smooth ceramic finish

Dsignio’s Laccio Ceramic Tiles

Interlacing pattern freely runs from one tile to another

Dsignio’s Laccio Ceramic Tiles

Laccio tiles come in wide range of color to suit contemporary home interior

Dsignio’s Laccio Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are perfect for any room whether living room, bedroom or bathroom

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