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Dulse seaweed is the next big thing in sea vegetables category

In the recent years, healthy food and eating habits have become the prime concern for everyone. From restaurants to home kitchen, we can see organic food lying on the tables. Due to changing eating habits in Pacific Northwest (a region in United States known for its seafood), researchers from Oregon State University have created and patented a new seaweed that tastes just like pork belly.

According to KPTVChris Langdon, chief researcher at Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center, has created a strain of red marine algae (also popularly known as ‘dulse’) with his coworkers. The seaweed grows in the wild of Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and is sold for $90 in dried form to serve as cooking and nutritional supplement.

Dulse is a good source of minerals, proteins, vitamins and all other trace element needed by human body. The best thing about this red algae is when fried- it tastes like bacon. Therefore, it’s a good substitute for health conscious meat lovers. Instead of consuming cholesterol filled pork fat- you can eat dulse that not only provides you the taste of meat, but also have twice the nutrition value of borecole.

Realizing the benefit of red algae, the university’s food-innovation center has already started including dulse in different recipes for salad dressing and rice cracking. Professor Langdon is currently growing 20-30 pounds of dulse, but he is planning to produce 100 pounds in a week.  Therefore, we can hope to see more of dulse infused salads and dishes in the menu.


Professor Chris Langdon with red algae grown in Hatfield Marine Science Center

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