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Duncan Meerding turns tree stumps into gorgeous vessels for light

Thought ordinary tree stumps can only used for bonfire? Well, Tasmanian furniture designer Duncan Meerding doesn’t think alike. This is because he knows how to turn salvaged log pieces into gorgeous vessels for emitting light. He transforms salvaged wooden blocks into stunning Cracked Log Lamps, which spread light through natural cracks on the log pieces.

Meerding is legally blind; however he retains 5-percent of his vision in his peripheries. So he uses these light pieces to communicate with nature and these lamps also reflects how he sees the world. He collects ordinary logs and embed warm yellow LED lights into them. The light further passes out through natural cracks on wood to brighten up any area.

Besides a striking lighting object, these cracked log lamps can also be used as stool, table or simply a luminous home decor piece. These wooden lamps are even treated to be water-resistant, so these can be used both indoor and outdoor for highlighting any living space. You can purchase these stunning lamps for $280 to add delightful charm into your home.


Salvaged log pieces transformed into gorgeous vessels for emitting light


The cracks on these logs spread stunning ambiance


Cracked Log Lamps are stunning light objects for any available space


These wooden lamps are treated to be water-resistant, so can be used both indoor and outdoor

Via: Colossal / Images Courtesy: JanDallas

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