Eastpak backpack Sofa has pockets everywhere to store all you’ve got

The world is full of couch potatoes and with the new Eastpak Sofa Singular Seats they just get another reason to burden the world with their wish against movement. Jokes apart; the Eastpak Sofa is probably the best thing to happen to people living in small apartments. The sofa is like a backpack and couch combined in a furniture unit with pockets to store anything from a laptop to tablet and remote control to magazines or any other thing that you can’t find a storage space for at home.

Like most backpacks, the Eastpak Sofa is made from rigid polyurethane foam and Cordura, which make it really robust and durable. Available in red and black colors for €1,639 (approx. $2,060), the Easkpak may not be as comfortable as the other couches, but it is perhaps the finest thing to have at home in case you have lot of stuff and very little place to store.

Via: Geekologie/OhGizmo/Gizmag

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