Easy-to-build media console furniture doubles as bench

Easy-to-build media console furniture doubles as bench

Ben Uyeda of HomeMade-Modern design studio in Boston is a great DIY’er who shares affordable homemade design ideas for creating modern furniture for homes. You might have seen his wooden Christmas tree which is a great eco-friendly decorative item to celebrate Christmas or the DIY wooden log lounge chaise that brings vintage touch to homes. A few days ago, he shared his video of a DIY media console using angle irons and two 2x12s on YouTube. It is a perfect stand to showcase your media accessories at home, while it also doubles as a comfy bench.

The DIY media furniture has two shelves to keep all your media accessories together in one place. If you want similar furniture for your home, then you can build one by following these instructions. You will need two-inch angle irons, jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade, sander, drill and two 2x12s.  

  • Cut two-inch angle irons into equal flanges for legs. Cut one piece at a time using a jigsaw with a metal-cutting.
  • Round all the rough cut edges using an orbital grinder.
  • Apply some cutting oil to lubricate the drill bit, and drill holes in angle iron pieces for the screw that will be fastened with 2x4s and 2x12s. You need to countersink the holes.
  • Clean the metal legs with mineral spirits.
  • Cut two equal-sized wooden pieces from the 2x12s board for shelves and four pieces of 2x4s in the same length for shelf supports.
  • Make notches in the wooden boards with a circular saw to hook the iron angle legs, but remember to line up all notches at the same distance. The first board you cut can be used for marking exact locations for notches of the next board.
  • After that, you need to sand the wooden pieces using an orbital sander for a smooth.
  • You have to drill large holes through the bottom of 2x4s so that screws pass through 2x12s and metal legs fit over the notches nicely. A woodworking knife can be used to carve perfect slots for legs.
  • Now screw up the 2x4s with 2x12s, and then polish both shelves in preferred style.
  • Use clamps to keep iron legs in one position and attach iron legs with 2×4 supports shelves, but it will be convenient to attach the upper shelf first.

After attaching the metal legs, you have a completely new media shelf in your living room. The sturdy DIY furniture can house a turntable, a collection of vinyl discs and a pair of speakers, while leaving ample seating space for one person. Making one by yourself is not a tedious task, but you have to consider all measurements thoughtfully. For some inspiration watch the video below.

Via: HomeMade-Modern 

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