Easy Butter by Metex

Easy Butter effortlessly grates butter for your breakfast toast

Easy Butter by Metex

A uniformly thin slice of butter painted on the surface of the toast is often enjoyed by us for breakfast. Many of us also like to have sandwiches for breakfast with butter as a base on the toast. But, if the butter is just out of the refrigerator, you can hardly slice it because it is solidified and cold and if tried to spread, the toast is easily broken and all the fun of having a yummy breakfast is stolen away. If you could somehow grate the butter, your breakfast fun would become even better. Well, this cute butter grater dubbed as Easy Butter is here to grate the butter cube into thin butter strings on your breakfast toast.

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Easy Butter is quite a useful product from a Japanese company, Metex. It is now easier with this butter grater to produce a foam of fresh butter and spread it on the toast straight from the fridge. You would also not have to leave the butter at room temperature and wait for it to get softer. All you need to do is load the butter cube into the contraption and twist it to drizzle out delicate strings of butter, which appear like shredded cheese. This kitchen accessory allows effortless dispensing butter without breaking or crumbling the toasts.

Easy Butter is suitable for any form of butter even for your homemade butter. This cool gadget will also be your storage container in addition to butter grater as you can directly save it in the refrigerator. This wonderful accessory also helps in reducing the amount of butter intake and thus  contributing to the fight against cholesterol and overweight. The product is dishwasher safe and is available in 6 different colors.

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