Eco Poka Feet Warmer

Eco Poka Cushion Promises Warm Feet, Happy Toes

The best way to keep your feet comfortable and cozy in winters is to pack them in layers of woolen socks. This does sound cozy but in reality, winter socks or warm slippers do not offer warmth required for happy feet.

So what if you get the chance to beat winter chill by slipping your feet into a furry warmer, which is specially designed to offer warmth and comfort. Yes, the Eco Poka feet warmer is a cushiony warmer that functions like a joined pair of slippers. It comes with leg warmer and can be tighten with the help of pre-fitted cord.

Layered with special polyurethane, the inner surface is fitted with nylon, polyester, cotton and urethane foam. Measuring 36 x 35 x 38 cm, feet and leg warmer is designed to beat winter blues and keep your feet away from cold floors. Supporting an eco-friendly and sustainable approach, the cushiony material makes sure the body heat stays inside, offering cozy and warm feet.

Ideal for any age group, the Eco Poka cushion can be a perfect gift for your mother or aunt this winter season. Priced at $45, simple yet effective warmer is surely a better option than socks and warm slippers. So get one for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy winters in style.

Eco Poka Feet Warmer

Foot and leg warmer for a comfort at home in winters

Eco Poka Feet Warmer

Warmer with an eco-friendly and sustainable approach

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