Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

Ecocapsule: Elliptical Tiny Home to Reshape Off-Grid Living

Do you love traveling but often face problem finding shelter at the desired location? Not anymore, as Bratislava-based architectonic studio Nice Architects has created a unique egg-shaped tiny home, Ecocapsule that travels with you.

Due to its compact size, Ecocapsule can be transported easily on a small truck to any place you want. Hence, offers you a perfect living space wherever you go. The micro-shelter also comes with an impressive array of sustainable technology including solar panels, rainwater collection and filtration system, and wind power system.

With these energy-efficient installations, the tiny home is perfect off-grid home for eco-friendly living, without any negative impact on the environment. The interior of the microcapsule is 8-square meters to easily accommodate two persons.

Inside the mobile unit is clad completely in wood along with foldable bed and table, two chairs, a bathroom with shower, a small kitchen as well as a fireplace. The architectural firm is planning to reveal the prototype home on 28 May, 2015 and will be available for sale later this year.

Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

Ecocapsule travels with you to any desired location

Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

It can be easily transported on a small truck

Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

It is perfect off-grid home for eco-friendly living

Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

The interior of microcapsule is 8-square meters to easily accommodate two persons

Ecocapsule by Nice Architects

It is installed with solar panels, rainwater collection system and wind power system

Via: Gizmag

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