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Ecomo: Solar-powered smart water analyzer that fits on faucets and mugs

Ecomo is world’s first portable smart water analyzer that is designed to collect data on water filtration in real time and give recommendation on the same. The solar panel powered water filtering solution offers customized filters to improve the quality of water.

Planned to easily fit on faucets, mugs and bottles, the startup Ecomo aims to bring smart filter in every home that can send report on smartphones via Bluetooth. The detailed report, which includes what is wrong with the water and make recommendations regarding what type of filter one must use to enjoy safe and good quality water.

Designed to detect heavy metal, bacteria, turbidity, pH, total organic carbon and total dissolved solids, it offers a better and detailed insight on the quality of water one is using at home, office, etc. Fabricated as an easy to use device, Ecomo can easily work with most faucets, mugs and water bottles.

Once fitted with the specific product, the analyzer will give instant results with the help of LED indicators. The LED fitted on the solar paneled sensor glows green, yellow and red to tell if the water is safe for drink or else the mobile application with send the analysis on user’s smartphone.

Showcased at the LAUNCH Festival 2016- the world’s largest startup event in San Francisco, Ecomo will now start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development and manufacturing of the water analyzer.


World’s first portable, smart and solar-powered water analyzer


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