Eden Acoustics’ AIR

Eden Acoustics’ AIR revolutionizes the design of loudspeakers

There are a number of speakers out there to have music blaring into lives for some entertainment. Music is essential in everyone’s life; therefore innovative speaker designs are always in demand to meet needs of different people. But aren’t you tired of looking at the tedious box-shaped layout of loudspeakers?

For those who are looking for some unique kind of speaker designs, the Eden Acoustics’ AIR is the perfect high-end music system. It is an active loudspeaker system that revolutionizes the way people look at open baffle speakers. Unlike conventional speakers, the AIR features Open Air Design (O.A.D.), multichannel digital crossovers (DSP), DAC for each frequency band and Class-D amplifiers to power each driver.

Due to its uniquely functional layout, the high-end speakers are able to produce superior quality sound that reaches every corner of a room effortlessly. Besides a sleek and practical design, the loudspeakers come with stunning midrange articulation, detailed high frequency range and powerful, deep bass with 20 Hz for better sound quality.

With their exquisite appearance, AIR loudspeakers elegantly blends art and sound together to form stylish yet practical design to suit any modern interior. It’s certainly great home audio equipment for those who want their luxury music system to match with home interior.

Eden Acoustics’ AIR

These loudspeakers feature Open Air Design

Eden Acoustics’ AIR

These are designed to revolutionize the way people look at open baffle speakers

Via: CanadaHiFi

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