Edible Art

Edible Art by Jessie Maxwell Bearden is a visual treat to your eyes

You may have seen famous celebrities sketches on a canvas, which are drawn using a pencil, watercolors, fabrics etc. Nevertheless, there are very less chances that you’d have seen any celebrity being canvased by using edible materials like food. But Jessie Maxwell Bearden, Texas-based illustrator, ad maker and art director, has created spectacular celebrity illustrations, using only food materials found at home.

Bearden has used all basic food items like, chocolate syrup, ice cream, wheat flakes, donuts, salt and pepper to create the edible food art, which in every sense is a treat to the eyes. Bearden’s Instagram account is filled with various yummylicious celebrity food art and have good number of followers too.

The paintings are done brilliantly and portrayed in best possible way. The renowned celebrity faces reflected through the food art are Wheaties Caitlyn Jenner, Hershey Chocolate Elvis, poppy seed John Lennon, Frosting Beyonce and Salt Pepper Beatles.

Recently, Jessie Maxwell Bearden did a time-lapse video for McDonalds as well, which depicts herself as drinking McDonald’s coffee. Check out the video given below to find out more of her edible food art. But please do hold your taste buds, as we can assure the art id too delicious and tempting.

Edible Art

Wheaties Caitlyn Jenner

Edible Art

Poppy seed John Lennon

Edible Art

Flower petal Marilyn Monroe

Edible Art

Frosting Beyonce

Edible Art

Grassy Knoll JFK

Edible Art

Salt Pepper Beatles

Cookie Milk Lady Gaga

Cookie Milk Lady Gaga

Via: Neatorama

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