El Diablo by Joel Scilley is first complete turntable with Audiowood platter

Audiowood is a name well reckoned amid audiophiles, thus, any new offering from the house of fused music accessory is welcomed with open arms. We’ve seen a plethora of turntables from Audiowood but their latest entrant, the El Diablo designed by Joel Scilley is the first complete turntable, which utilizes the Audiowood platter, has upper platter made from plant-based resin with lead-free brass pods or wooden pods to choose from. The strikingly beautiful turntable stands on ebonized maple legs and for the lovely appearance is finished with hand-rubbed wax paste and varnish. The finest bit about the stunning El Diablo besides the appearance is that it comes fitted with Teres Verus rim-drive motor with armboard drilled for a Rega RB251 arm, and that the Audiowood platter here can also be used to custom build turntables starting at $2500.

Via: ProductPage/ApartmentTherapy

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