Elbow cassette tape player will remind you of your childhood

Cassettes were very famous in 1980s and ’90s, the Era of dance-pop music. Analog magnetic tapes were in trend and people would buy lots of cassettes back then. Gone are the days, but what if cassette style come back with a modern touch. 

Last year BrainMonk, an audio and visual art organization revealed the concept of Elbow cassette tape player. This year they are planning to work on the idea. The Elbow cassette player is a unique fashion accessory but will it compete with the modern music devices, such as the iPods, is something we’ll have to wait an watch.

Elbow Cassette player has a clip-on it, by that you can pin it with your shirt or jeans. They totally looks like old school cassettes with elbow that is the main part of this device. The Biaxial arm of the Elbow can switch sides to change playback direction. The Elbow uses a sensor to track its playback speed and single pulley to drive the tape.

Its audio output is via standard 3.5mm headphone plug and it also features a micro USB for charging. The cassette player is amazing, stylish and looks cool, check out how it works in the video below.

Biaxial arm of Elbow

Elbow sensor tracks playback speed

Elbow has volume button

Single pulley to drive the tape

Elbow cassette player by BrainMonk

Via: TheVerge

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  1. Lewis Abbott

    September 5, 2020 at 9:13 pm

    Albeit a good concept this would be nothing but a useless novelty, this device is missing vital component such as tape guides, some kind of supply reel sprocket (even cheep players had them in a way) and most importantly it is missing the pinch roller and capstan which is responsible for pulling the tape throught the player, the sound you hear is from the tape being pulled but the capstan and pinch roller not the take up reel. Wonder how much wow and flutter there would be coming out of this.


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