Electree by Vivien Muller

Electree: Bonsai-Shaped Solar-Powered Charger for Gadgets

French designer Vivien Muller has designed Electree, a bonsai tree-shaped solar charger for gadgets. The tree is inspired by the photosynthesis and has 27 leaves-like rotatable solar panels. The solar panels after soaking sunlight for up to 36 hours can charge 13,500 mAh battery. It can be placed anywhere in the house where sufficient sunlight is available.

It can also be charged using AA or AAA batteries and has LED lights that automatically illuminate different colors at dusk. It provides sufficient charge to juice up a device to full capacity in only a few hours. Another notable feature of Electree is that its branches and solar panels are rotatable allowing the user to create a number of shapes.

The Bonsai tree-shaped charger is seeking crowd-funding at Indiegogo for the amount of €190,000 (approx. US $320,340).

Electree by Vivien Muller

Via: MyModernMet

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