Electrolux Yura Flying Drone

Electrolux Yura – A flying drone that serves drinks on your voice command

Electrolux Yura Flying Drone

You may have seen robotic bartenders before, but Herman Haydin, a student at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in Ukraine, has come up with a modified flying drone to serve your favorite drinks directly on command of your voice. The robot gets activated through the user’s voice commands or by sending instructions using your smartphone, laptop or tablet. This drone was shortlisted among the Top 35 Finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab, who appreciate innovative designs by under graduate or graduate students, for its brilliant conceptualization.

Electrolux Yura Flying Drone

The flying drone is installed with a smart computer brain and sensory body screens for easy Wi-Fi control, navigation, power settings, and sensing your voice commands. It gets activated on listening to your voice command or by sending instructions through your phone or computer and follows the instructions accurately.

Electrolux Yura Flying Drone

It can prepare any beverage like cocktails, tea and coffee with measured amount of calories required for a user’s body. Its smart brain also configures number of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and accurate temperature of your drinks. Thus, offering an easy solution to control calorie count in beverages you consume daily.

Electrolux Yura Flying Drone

It also comes with a cartridge to heat or cool beverages as needed by the user, these cartridges come in varing sizes with Electrolux logo that also indicates state of liquid present inside the spherical cups. These spherical folding cups are filled with liquid to be served to the user, when commanded. Moreover, the device is available with user personalization option, using which you can receive your device in any color of your choice.

Electrolux Yura Flying Drone

Electrolux Yura drone indeed has qualities which are not present in other robotic drones we have seen till now. It will definitely be a hit in your house parties or commercial bars and restaurants for serving guests their preferred beverage with controlled calories.

Via: Walyou

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