bend plant stand

Elevate and protect your plants with stylish Bend Plant Stands

Looking for a way to jazz up your plants and protect them from your pets? Bend Plant Stands offer you a stylish way to elevate your plants and keep them at a safe distance from your pooches or cats. These indoor/outdoor plant stands are galvanized and powder coated, making them durable enough for rough handling, as well as withstanding various climatic conditions.

Each plant stand is made out of steel and further galvanized and powder coated to prevent rust. The elegant geometric detailing on the plant stands enhances the beauty of the pots in which your plants live. Using these metal stands, you can keep your potted plants in your front walkway, front yard or any other indoor/outdoor area of your home.

The stands can hold any-sided plant pots and can be used to cage your plants – whether they are grown for vegetative or decorative purposes. Moreover, your climbing plants such as a flowering vine would love to cover these metal stands with their natural flowery tendrils.

Each Bend plant stand measures 18 x 19 x 13-inches, which means it can easily be occupied in any small area. Plus, the you can also easily relocate it due to its mere 10 lbs. weight. You can get any of these cool plant stands for $200 (per piece) in various colors options such as white, black, aqua, and peachy pink.

bend plant stand

Bend plant stands

bend plant stand

Made from steel in geometric patterns

bend plant stand

Available in various colors: white, black, aqua, and peachy pink

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