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Elevated Pole House by F2 Architecture is most iconic Australian home

One prime reasons we love doing what we do on HomeCrux is that we are blessed with sight of amazing architecture every day. While some buildings are made to survive off-the-grid, some are made of odd materials, there are some that simple make us speechless. The Pole House by F2 Architecture, built on the coast of Great Ocean Road in Australia is one from the latter stock. Perched high up on a pole, the iconic Australian home built originally in 1978 boasts of lavish renovated interiors that offers residents amazing view of the gorgeous coast on one side and the wide blue ocean on the other from well inside the house.

The stunning home, presently available for rent through Great Ocean Road Holidays, features floor to ceiling retractable glass walls (glass wall which slide open). The walkway to the home on the pole is broad and made in glass, which gives residents a sense of walking in the air. Interesting, the elevated house has a spacious living room with fireplace and bathroom and supporting pole concealed in warm burnt ash timber.

Via: StupidDope

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