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Elixirator DIY steampunk robotic bartender pours you a drink

Well, here is a little DIY that all steampunk fans must know about. The ones who are crazy about the Steampunk designs and like to see most of their things turned into the items of Victorian era might never think about this one. It’s a DIY steampunk robotic bartender that serves you drinks at your command. Its name is the ‘Elixirator’ and basically it’s a drink dispensing machine that makes cocktails. This has been designed and developed by Botronics. The Elixirator has capacity to hold about 4 varied ingredients at a single time that can thereafter be mixed to form a maximum of 10 cocktails. You can’t get a bartender as munificent as this one, can you?

To create this steampunk robotic bartender, lot many pieces of thrift shops were utilized. The brain was made out of the Picaxe microcontroller and the plasma globe was integrated to the upper part. A nixie tube was then added to the right so as to display the drink that is being served. To create a steampunk effect, the boiler was given a special element, i.e., RGB LEDs, so as to create an illusion that a nuclear radioactive reaction is taking place within the boiler. To take excitement to the greater level, fake flames were made so that the glass gets lit up while the thirst quenching cocktail is being prepared.

Via: WHT

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