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DC-9 JT8D Engine Rotor Wine Bottle Table

Engine rotor disk of an old plane becomes a stunning wine bottle table

DC-9 JT8D engine rotor wine bottle table is a high top table that gives you a glorious chance to decorate your interior and own a piece of aviation history. Created from a retired McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airliner, the wine table is built around an upcyled Pratt & Whitney JT8D engine rotor disk.

Designed to hold approximately 12 wine bottles, titanium blades of the jet engine have been welded upward to create an elegant wine storage beneath the tabletop. The rubber bumpers safeguard the bottle from breakage. Polished glass top offers guests a brief view of your wine collection lying underneath.

Each detail has been given particular attention. This is why the base of the upcycled coffee table is made from the exhaust nozzle of CFM International CFM56-2 turbofan engine. Aimed to add a touch of luxury and individuality, the aviation furniture is made to take beverage services to a complete new level.

Measuring 41.5 x 42 inches and weighing 200 lbs, the wine table is made by the Boeing Store in the USA . It is priced at $5,500, and comes with an authenticity certificate signed and sealed by the store.

DC-9 JT8D Engine Rotor Wine Bottle Table

The wine table is made from around the engine rotor disk of a retired McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airliner

DC-9 JT8D Engine Rotor Wine Bottle Table

The table has the capacity to hold 12 standard wine bottles

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