Enigma Cafe and Bar

Enigma Café in Cluj – World’s First Kinetic Steampunk Pub

Enigma Café in Cluj, Romania has made history by becoming the world’s first kinetic steampunk pub. Interior is designed by The 6th Sense Interiors, as the design house wanted its clients and visitors to enjoy time spent inside the café. Conceived by Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak, the bar is a unique piece of brilliance that has sparked a craze among people after its first appearance on Facebook.

Inspired by labyrinthian imagery, the bar consists of a giant clock, highlighting the internal parts of the clock giving you an impression of being inside it. Placed on the foremost wall of the bar, the clock is made of giant, round and transparent glass spread all over the wall. Enclosed in a wooden rim, the clock is covered with dozens of moving wheels indicating the passing time. To create a timeless appeal, the wooden rim is illuminated with an LED band.

The giant humanoid with transparent skull fitted with plasma lamp producing visible synaptic connections seems like paddling his life away. From rotating wheels to metallic flowers to moving birds, the bar creatively defines the possibilities of life that have been reserved and the ultimate choices we make. Giving free will to imagine the place, each design is linked with other, thus giving you time to imagine that piece of machinery while enjoying drinks.

It took 6sense almost two years to complete the project that offers an incomparable experience to visitors. So, while enjoying a regular drink, you get a chance to peek into the futuristic world of Enigma Café.

Enigma Cafe and Bar

Giant humanoid paddling his way out

Enigma Cafe and Bar

Transparent skull fitted with plasma lamp produces visible synaptic connections

Enigma Cafe and Bar

Bar area with all steampunk-inspired interiors

Enigma Cafe and Bar

Ceiling fitted with fragmented texture and coarse metal boards

Enigma Cafe and Bar

Various details are inspired by labyrinthian imagery

Enigma Cafe and Bar

Metallic opening flower placed in the ceiling


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