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Star Wars lightsaber flatware set

Enjoy meal Jedi-style with Star Wars lightsaber flatware set

Star Wars items not only make the best collectibles but prove to be functional and practical at the same time that can be used on regular basis. Whether designed in shape of a fridge or a showerhead, we all love to flaunt love for Star Wars series by owning these collectible items.

So if you are completely awed by Star Wars latest movie, then this most civilized cutlery set inspired by the fictional energy weapon featured in the Star Wars universe is for you. Thanks to Thinkgeek, who makes sure to keep love for Star Wars alive followers that’s why has a wide range of product based on theme of Star Wars characters and gadgets. With the same motive, the new cutlery set gives you a chance to add fun element to your dining table with Star Wars lightsaber flatware set.

The powerful cutlery set is a way to help you enjoy every meal the sci-fi way. Designed by the creative team of Thinkgeek, the set of three includes Luke fork, Yoda spoon and Vader knife. Made from stainless steel and food-grade ABS plastic, each cutlery set weighs 2 oz. The officially licensed Star Wars merchandise is company’s exclusive creation.

Priced at $19.99, the flatware set is not dishwasher compatible. But, nothing matters when comes to love for Star Wars.

Star Wars lightsaber flatware set

The cutlery set is inspired by the fictional energy weapon featured on Star Wars universe

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