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Fireplace Coffee Table

Enjoy open flame indoors with gorgeous ‘Fireplace Coffee Table’

You must be all geared up for upcoming winters with central heating of your house using a thermostat or a fireplace. What about those who cannot afford expensive thermostats and luxury fireplaces in their apartment? Don’t worry, as Instructables user [JON-A-TRON] has introduced an easy DIY Fireplace Coffee Table for those who cannot afford or don’t have enough space in their small dwelling for a lavish hearth.

This DIY table is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that lets you enjoy open flame inside your home without any need of furnace. It is made entirely of wood with a sleek centermost unit to ignite fire using ethanol burner. Due to ethanol, smoke fumes are not released so that a comfortable environment is maintained within your living area.

Beneath the tabletop a storage space is created to safely keep magazines, TV remote or other accessories. It is a great furniture piece that becomes a fireplace during winters and turn into a coffee table when you don’t require the flame heating. This stunning furniture-cum-fireplace will definitely keep your guest awestruck this fall and is a best slab for any abode with limited space.

If you are willing to make this gorgeous coffee table a centerpiece of your foreroom, then follow step by step instructions given by the designer on Instructables.

Fireplace Coffee Table

The table is made of wood with central space for igniting fire

Fireplace Coffee Table

The centermost part of the table is used to ignite fire using ethanol

Fireplace Coffee Table

Various units of the table that are assembled together to for the stunning coffee table

Credit: GreenYaps

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