Envi giant furniture collection by Umberto Dattola

Envi Giant Furniture Collection by Umberto Dattola

Evni is one of the most outstanding projects showcased during Salone Del Mobile 2013 that was highly admired and appreciated by thousands of visitors. Italian designer Umberto Dattola has created this project, which is certainly an amazing art form collection that includes giant chairs, beds, armchairs, and dressers.

The collection consists of six surrealistic furniture items featuring high legs and supports, which appear like outstretched limbs of a giant. The designer has a very clear philosophy behind creating these larger than life-sized furniture having elongated legs. He has tried to share his passion for molding wood in beautiful objects and skills acquired by years of experience by creating these unique pieces of furniture.

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The designer gave a second chance to the antique furniture that becomes old with time and use, to live again as exceptional art forms. 

These furniture pieces narrate the story of their transformation from lifeless furniture objects to unique elevated sculptures.

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