Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Enzoo: Insectile rocking animal explores toy’s typical iconography

‘Rocking horse’ with an oscillating seat is probably one of the most recognizable toys for children. But for ages, its equine form had not met with creativity until now. Enko Creatio has beautifully explored with the typical layout of the rocking horse and given it a sophisticated insectile makeover.

Enzoo rocking animal lacks familiar long nose, neck, legs and tail of a horse. Instead, it boasts kidney-bean like shape. However, its curved body highlights a set of four little feet, a belly and a pair of antennae on the head portion.

Sculpted by designers Mathieu Douadi and Nicolas Laghetti, this domestic ride maintains a playful animated look that kids love. Just like a conventional rocking horse, this playful toy is meant to sway back and forth over its curvy belly. Kids will definitely enjoy their ride while straddling its sunken center.

Wood and plastic are used to offer stability to its frame, as well as a place for the rider to hold on. Playing with fluidity of movement, this swaying slug-like toy will be a wonderful addition to your childern’s toys collection. Plus, its contemporary design is likely to blend with any modern playroom.

Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Insect-like rocking animal

Enzoo by Enko Creatio

Wood and plastic supports its frame

Via: decoNiche

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