Ergomotion's Quest Connect Smart Bed Base Offers Just What You Need

Quest Connect Smart Bed Wants to be the Center of Connected Home Experience

How amazing will it be if your bed instructs your coffee maker to start brewing as you wake up from a nice sleep? A bed that will instruct your shower to start warming and signals the window blinds to open slightly before you kick off the day. The future is almost here with the dream bed that you wish you had.

Ergomotion’s Quest Connect makes this possible; it has all these above-mentioned qualities. Quest Connect is a new range of adjustable smart bed bases that connect with smart home technologies.

Chief Operating Officer of Ergomotion Johnny Griggs says “We creating remarkable products that align with the new era of technology, one that will allow the adjustable bed base category to rise to the occasion and allow consumers to experience sleep inspired by technology.”

Quest Connect is available in twin, king, and queen sizes. It is equipped with quick access remote and built-in custom presets. The bed also features a universal smart home-connected bed app.

The app features a rise to wake option that includes a silent alarm. This alarm slowly raises the head of the bed in the morning to wake you up after a good night’s sleep. It also has a built-in anti-snoring technology via the Nite app. Furthermore, the bed has cloud-based smart home automation features by IFTTT applets.

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Ergomotion will be unveiling Quest Connect this year in Las Vegas Winter Market – a leading trade event for furniture, home decor gifts, and apparel industries.

Via: Furniture Today

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